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The Hartmann Family | Kevin, Emily, Lauren, Braden & Connor

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Family History

Our family is a merger of multi-generational breeders of registered Guernsey enthusiasts.  The Hartdale prefix began with Kevin's father, Ron Hartmann.  Ron was a first generation dairy producer that started with Guernseys as his 4-H project in southern Missouri in 1956.  While showing Guernseys in Missouri, Ron met Betty Codemo, a Guernsey girl from St. James, Missouri.  Betty's paternal grandmother was an Italian immigrant that came to the United States in 1895.   Their family eventually settled in Missouri and began milking registered Guernsey in 1960.  Ron and Betty met showing Guernseys and were married in 1969.  They were in partnership with Betty's parents for awhile, and Ron worked as a herdsman at several dairy farms throughout the years.  The family relocated to southern Illinois.  Kevin and his two older sisters showed cattle in their youth.  

Kevin began working as a fitter in 1995 and a professional hoof trimmer in 1997. Kevin continued to build his herd of Guernseys and spent a lot of time working Guernseys sales, and fitting & judging at shows.  That is how he met his wife, Emily. 

Emily grew up in southern Kentucky with registered Guernseys and Holsteins.  Her father, Fowler Branstetter, started with Guernseys as his 4-H project in 1956.  Emily and her two younger siblings showed their Guernseys at many state and national shows. Emily is proud to have exhibited two National Grand Champion Guernseys, Branstetters Deacon Clara EX 92 and Penn Del Viscuvius Glenna EX 96.

The Hartdale prefix is proud to have bred 15 All-American nominees in the past 11 years.  While our herd is small, approximately 17 head total, we love our Guernseys and are proud to be raising our children with the same love of Guernseys we grew up with.   Kevin, Emily and their children live and work on a small farm near Mulberry Grove, IL approximately 52 miles east of St. Louis, MO on interstate 70.